The Enterprising Redbridge Programme


Sophia Hubs presents... Enterprising Redbridge

The Enterprising Redbridge Programme has been developed to support charities and social enterprises working in the borough of Redbridge.

In the midst of government cuts, we know that securing grants and contracts, especially from statutory services, is becoming more difficult. This is making it harder for charities and social enterprises to develop financially sustainable services and organisations. One way of developing new income streams is to develop social enterprise activity: trading.

This programme has been designed to support local organisations as they seek to create new trading opportunities, and reducing reliance on grant funding. The programme is a mix of workshops, coaching and online resources.

This programme has been commissioned by Sophia Hubs, is facilitated by Graham from Aspiren and Alice from Urban Catalysts, supported by Redbridge CVS and funded by Awards For All

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How does it work?


A core part of the Enterprising Redbridge programme is a series of four workshops.

The first one, held in April, introduced the Business Model Canvas, a great tool to help you map out your business idea.

Workshop Two, held at the end of May, was all about Making your Customers go Wow, with some detailed thinking about how we can ensure our clients and service users get the service they deserve.

The third workshop , at the end of June, was  “Building a Brand.” with a focus on creating a brand and how to get it known.

The fourth workshop was held at the end of July and was entitled on “Learning to Love your Numbers” with a focus on different ways of purchasing (e.g. subscriptions, transaction, bundling), building your budget, understanding your projected impact and how you might demonstrate your impact.

You can get all the Resources from the sessions here. And we’ve added an extra final session in September. Find out more about it here.


At the start of the Enterprising Redbridge Programme, we asked for ten organisations who wanted to receive face to face business coaching sessions, to support the groups in finding ways to overcome some of the challenges they currently face. We have had 12 applications and are in the process of letting each organisation know, and organise the sessions.

We hope that by giving organisations the space to think through challenges and opportunities with someone outside of the situation, it may provide clarity about how to move things forward.

The coaching sessions have covered a range of issues; from developing a new idea, thinking through the future of an organisation, creating better governance structure and even exploring what the future might hold for individuals.

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The Resources

Every workshop will introduce a number of tools, ideas, places to get extra information and a number of useful sources of help,  as you build your new service or social enterprise.

We are keeping all the resources used in the programme online. You can access all the materials, you can even keep coming back to these resources.

You can find all the resources here

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